Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ranong city pillar shrine

Whenever I visit a provincial capital, I try to make sure I drop by the city pillar shrine (Lak Mueng). Thus no different when I was in Ranong this year, the city pillar was the first stop on a tour through the town. It is located close to the Phetkasem highway, at the rim of Khlong Hat Som Paen (คลองหาดส้มแป้น). While the building itself is built in the same style as many of these shrines, so it did not impress me that much. However, the two pools in front with a Naga snake inside presented some nice photo opportunities, as you can see below. The complete set of photos is on flickr.

ShrinePillar top

Very close to the shrine, at the southern end of the small park, is another site worth visiting - a statue commemorating Phraya Rattanasetthi (Kho Su Chiang), the first governor of Ranong and founder of the na Ranong family.

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Nice photos. Thanks for these.

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